Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4 came out to the market with the mission to be superior to its predecessor – the Galaxy S3. This is a very difficult task for the Korean company because the S3 generation was already recognized as one of the best smartphone nowadays. In this review, we will analyze all aspects of the new Galaxy S model to see how successful Samsung has been doing its job.

Galaxy Gestures

After you booting up, the phone starts syncing with Gmail and/or Samsung account. A quick tutorial starts introducing many gestures. When you do an upgrade from the Galaxy S3, some of these gestures will be available. You should pay attention to this section because it will save your time in the future.

Air View: Maybe this is the most frequently used gesture. It allows you to preview the content over the object, such as videos, images, messages. You just need to hover your finger (about 1 in away from the display), the content of the message and email will be shown. It is quite convenient when you are streaming video, you can preview particular video frame to know whether you want to skip to that frame.

Air View Galaxy S4

Air View Galaxy S4

This gesture also comes with a magnifier capability to zoom in the text you want when you are browsing internet. This capability is useful when you want to click on a small hyperlink.

Air gesture: useful in navigating through galleries and answer/reject phone calls. This tool senses you from the front camera; hence you need to swipe near to the top of the phone. During winter when you have to wear glove, this feature seems to be not functional. However, It turn out that this gesture is still useful because the sensitivity is adjusted so that the device can work with gloves.

Smart stay: This tool can track your eye behavior so that it the screen will not dim out when you are looking at it. Its function is more reliable and consistent than its previous generation, the S3.

smart stay

smart stay

Smart rotation: can rotate the content according to the angle of your eyes. However, this feature is not commonly used.

Smart pause: Automatically pauses the screen when you are not looking on the screen. It is useful when you are showing and demonstrating/explaining what is going on on the screen to other people.

Smart pause S4

Smart pause s4

Smart scroll: You can scroll down a webpage by tilting the device. We don’t see the usefulness of this feature, though.

The Android OS

Galaxy S4 settings

Galaxy S4 settings

Perhaps the most useful feature in this Android OS is the multi-window option. With this feature, you can do multiple task at the same time: reading email, sending text, whatching youtube. You can also change the size of the apps on the screen so that it is the most comfortable for you.

Multi window S4

Multi window S4

Knox security

Since the Android is getting more and more popular, the security concerns are inevitably growing. To create a trust environment for enterprise deployment, Samsung has introduced a security addition (known as Knox).

This security package will be shipped with the Galaxy S4 as a mandatory request from the company. This help promoting the safety and confidentiality for its users.

Full HD display

With the Super Amoled technology, the Galaxy S4 has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the pixel density is 441 pixel/in. This is a real superiority of this phone compared to other Samsung competitors such as HTC One and Xpera Z. Additionally, you can also change the color temperature and contrast of the image to whatever value you want.

Not only that, the Super Amoled technology allows a very efficient use of power. Even though the brightness of the Galaxy S4 is just 152 cd/m2 which is far lower than 541 cd/m2 in the iPhone 5, 455 cd/m2 in the Lumia 920 and 715 cd/m2 in the BlackBerry, when you put all of these phones together for comparison, it is hard to say which screen is brighter.

iphone vs lumia vs s4

iphone vs lumia vs s4

Perhaps the most novel and useful capability of the S4 model is that users can adjust the sensitivity of the touch screen. With this feature, users now can tap the touch screen while they are wearing wool glove.

Unbeatable performance

Samsung has been particularly successful in the Galaxy S4 version. Almost all aspects of the S3, which was already one of the best smartphone in 2013, have been extraordinarily upgraded.

In short, the device is equipped with a Qualcomm quad-core chipset (each core is 1.9 GHz), with a built in 2GB RAM and 16 GB disk space.

It is even more amazing when it comes to comparison testing.

In the Geekbench application, the Galaxy S4 score averaged score is 3189, which is superiorly higher than the iPhone 5 which scored 1649. This shows how well Samsung has optimized the Android OS in the Galaxy S4 generation for efficient use of MEMORY and PROCESSOR.

In the SunSpider test, with the same webpage, S4 can load it in 855 ms while its direct compatitors Apple iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 both took 920 ms to load.

In fact, these testing results reflect well the real-life usage. The Galaxy S4 can easily handle heavy applications such as HD video streaming, gaming, Video/Picture recording, web browsing. App window popup instantly by the time you touch its icon, apps also run smoothly which I have never seen in an Android phone.

Samsung also stated that the S4 could also run on Octa-core processor, however, due to the market demand, this variant is not available in all countries.

Plastic back

Many people may not like the plastic frame of the Galaxy S3, Samsung still decided to use it on the S4 generation. So the S4 appearance is quite similar to the S3.

The basic design specs are a little improved. The display size is 0.2in larger, the thickness is 0.7mm thinner and the weight s 3g lighter.

Design S4 vs S3

Design S4 vs S3

Someone may not like the plastic back, and the appearance may not be as good as the iPhone 5 and HTC One. But the fact is that you will seldom look at the back. Most of the time you will look at the screen.

Galaxy S4 (back)

Galaxy S4 (back)

It is also more solid, less fragile than the Nexus 4 and Xperia Z. These smartphone use Gorilla Glass which is very prone to damage on dropping. In case the chassis is damaged, the Galaxy S4 will also cost you less money for replacement.

From my personal experience, the S4 is very comfortable to hold. If anyone states that using a plastic chassis is a Samsung’s mistake, It is not really true. With the plastic designand the ability to open the chassis, battery can be taken out and replaced easily. About this aspect, Apple, HTC and Sony cannot offer that degree of flexibility.


Galaxy S4 picture quality

Galaxy S4 picture quality

With the 13 Megapixel camera and various softwares features such as autofocus, zero shutter lag, the Galaxy S3 can produce excellent picture quality.

With the Dual Shot feature, the S4 can take pictures in both front and back simultaneously. The software then processes the image to insert the user into the final picture. The Dual Shot is useful at events or family holidays, not very useful for a single user.

Dual Shot S4

Dual Shot S4

Sound and Shot:


In the fourth generation, the battery pack has been upgraded to 2400 mAh. We had an actual test on the battery quality. In our test, we synced the phone with email, Gmail and Twitter accounts and it automatically push all content to the associated accounts instantaneously. We also used calls, text, watched video and played games with the highest brightness and WiFi off. All gestures turned off except for Smart Stay and Air View.

After 12 hours of continuous usage, 15% of the battery power is remained, which is not as good as 27% in the previous S3 generation. However, it does not means that the battery of this generation is worse. It is simply because the S4 has to supply to bigger HD display and many more software apps.

Nevertheless, the S4 battery life time is still better than the iPhone battery, which with the same testing conditions could stand for 10 hours.


Google Nexus 5 review

With a relatively very cheap price ($414), many people will suspect the quality of the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. However, the fact is not the same. This review will point out all details you need to know before you buy one.

LG is still the company taking care of manufacturing duties. In this generation, LG has made several internal and design changes to the device.

No more glass

The Nexus 5 smartphone was made from Gorilla Glass 3. With the 4.95 in full HD display, it is bigger than the 4.7 in, 720p screen of its previous generation. However, the weight of the device is 130g which is 9 g lighter than its predecessor.

The most significant change in the design is the removal of the glass back. LG has replaced it with toughened polycarbonate material. This change is great in aspect that it is easier to grip and less prone to scratching and cracking.

Nexus back

Nexus 4 (with glass) on the left. Nexus 5 (with polycarbonate) on the right

It is very obvious that Google wants to keep the design consistent to all of the Nexus devices. In fact the Nexus 5 smartphone has the identical branding as the Nexus 5 tablet.

The rear camera is not flat on the surface because it was protruded from the back of the Nexus. This causes a little annoyance, but is much better than the bulge on Nokia Lumina 1020.

The earspeaker has a circular design and white color. This white color is similar to a white notification, so you might mistakenly thought that you have a new message.

The loudspeaker has been moved to the bottom. This is an advantage compared to the Nexus 4 because it is easier to hear the sound when you put it in your pocket.


With all of these changes in design, the Nexus 5 looks like a premium and has a solid construction.

Android 4.4 KitKat

The Google Nexus 5 is the first Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone. The operating system is enhanced and optimized to work the best on this smartphone. Below are some of the most useful features.

  1. Quick Office: integrated tightly with Google Drive. It is very useful for reading/editting documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

    Quick Office Nexus 5

    Quick Office Nexus 5

  2. Enhanced Caller ID: If you receive a call from a unknown number (which is not on your contact list), Google will search for the contact details associated with that number in Google Map database. However, I have never used this feature though.
  3. OK Google: This is a voice command. It allows the device to search, play music according to your voice it received. However, the speed recognition is not perfect and still need improvement. This feature also exclusive for English users only.

The default email app is also changed and now it looks similar to Gmail app. Now it has slide-out capabiity and also can archieve and delete emails. However, Google still needs to work on to create the ‘fit to screen’ mode which was added to Gmail 1 year ago.

nexus 5 email app

nexus 5 email app

Overall, the KitKat 4.4 is the right move of Google for the Nexus range, however, this is currently still an incremental update rether than a redesign

Full HD Display

The Nexus 5 has a full HD IPS Plus display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. With 445 pixels/in, it is technically better than the 326 pixels/in in the Apple iPhone 5S. However, both of these devices have displays with almost the same human-perceived quality.

google nexus 5 front

Google nexus 5 front

Compared to the Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 has excellent color reproduction and good saturation. The previous generation produces pictures which appeared flat and washed out. Perhaps the Amoled display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has more vibrant color presentation, however, the Google smartphone looks more natural.

Low price but better power

LG has been quite generous when it comes to processor upgradation. The smartphone is now power with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core chipset (each core 2.26 GHz). For a significantly cheaper price (See the price at the end of this review for comparison), LG offers the same CPU as the high end Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Connectivity and Storage

Nexus 5 support all of the major networks: NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/nc, 4G, Wireless charging and displaying.

The device comes with a 2GB RAM which is not different from the previous generation. However, with the new Android KitKat, the memory is more efficiently utilized, hence the overall performance is comparable with other high-end smartphones in the market.

Battery Life and Call Quality

The Nexus 5 was shipped with a 2300 mAh battery pack. Under a typical usage, including a few phone calls, web browsing, checking and sending email, streaming Google Play Music, with the #G on and auto-brightness on, the phone can live up to 14 hours for a single charge.

Similar to all other smartphone, the Nexus 5 becomes hot under very intensive tasks.

Compared to the predecessor, the Nexus 5 is not improved in reception strength. However, the call quality is excellent with voices coming through loud and clear.

Camera and HDR+

LG decided camera is the main area to cut down the manufacturing cost. Therefore, the Nexus 5 is not a good device for high-end photographers. It cannot compete with camera in HTC One and Lumina 1020 which uses the PureView technology.

The Nexus 5 was equipped with an 8 Mp cameraand F/2.4 aperture. OIS (Optical Image Stablisation) technology was introduced to produce better image for people with shaky hands. HDR+, a combination of High Dynamic Range photography with sharpening algorithm was also included. To take a picture, the camera will capture several images and then combine them to form a single better one.

nexus 5 landscape

Nexus 5 landscape

Our testing also showed that the HDR+ indeed gives very good pictures which are stills. But for the moving objects, it is not so great.

Nexus 5 portrait

Nexus 5 portrait

The Nexus 5 also has moderate shutter lag, however, Google stated that is because of software problem and it is writing software update to fix the issue, probably in a near future.


The back cover of the phone can be easily open using a plastic opening tool. All components are arranged into different module area, so it is easier to replace parts. The battery was also in place by glue, allowing it to be taken out without damages.

On the iFixit reparability score, The nexus 5 is significantly better than the iPhone 5S and C (8/10 versus 6/10)


iPhone 5s review

The iPhone 5s is the most upgraded iPhone version since the introduction of the Retina Display In the iPhone 4.

In this new version, Apple for the first time introduced a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID. This Touch ID grabbed the attentions of most major magazine, newspaper and spread out in the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The 5s has a 64 bit A7 processor with a redesigned iOS 7 and advanced camera technologies. Not only that, the iPhone 5s also came out with numerous internal upgrades which played a significant part in making it the truly world best smartphone on the market.

The Touch ID

Apple is the first company introducing a fingerprint scanner, called Touch ID, into its high-end smartphone. In the past, fingerprint scanner was also widely used in laptops, but it was not able to eliminate the need of the passwords. With the same objective to minimize the use of passwords, can Apple succeed while many other companies failed?

Based on our testing, the Touch ID fingerprint system in the iPhone 5s is promising. The key improvement of this tool is that it can detect its owner fingerprint in almost 100% of the times we tried, and it takes only about a second to login. Everyone will feel it vary natural and convenient that they just need to touch a button to unlock the device. With one touch, you can also authorize to buy things from iTunes and App Store. This is amazingly convenient, in my opinion.

Touch ID

To activate the Touch ID feature, you just need to tap your finger (any finger can do) onto the home button until the fingerprint has been scanned. The process is quite long and frustrating (about 30 seconds), but after setting up, it is marvelous. You can also scan more fingerprints, however, it will take more time and power to process the unlock step.

You will also be required to set up a 4-digit pin to access fingerprint settings. This is useful in case the fingerprint scanner is not functioning properly, which I have never seen. The iPhone 5s also limit the number of 10 failed unlock attempts. If this happen, you will need to use the 4-digit password to unlock the phone.

Apple claimed that that the chance 2 people having the same fingerprint (identified by the Tocuh ID) is about 1/50000. The fingerprint data are stored on the iPhone internally, i.e. it is not uploaded to iCloud. It is an added security feature. Nevertheless, I’m not too concerned about the security problem since it is extremely unlikely that a person who pick up my iPhone “illegally” and having a fingerprint identical to mine.

Touch ID sensor

Refreshed iOS 7 new features

Apple has redesigned the iOS and upgraded it to iOS 7. Quick settings and automatic updates are the features that the company has recently added, which makes the iPhone even more prevalent in the smartphone market.

Additionally, the mailbox now can even be grouped into read, unread, attachment and flagged so that it is much more convenient to keep track of your mail items.


Your apps can also be automatically updated. If you also has an iPad, the new operating system also allows you to download items across multiple iOS devices. Similarly, the AirDrop feature can share your files with another iOS device using WiFi.

The Notification centre make it easy to see calls, text, emails. The Quick settings help manage brightness and internet connection easier. Perhaps one of the most significant change is that it can show a snapshot of Apps that are open. In the previous iOS version, we can only see the app icon without knowing whether it is being opened or not.

Settings and Notification


There it not much change in the design of the iPhone 5s compared to the iPhone 5. Apple still uses the carfted but fragile 112 gram aluminium chassis. The most notable difference is the home button and color differences.  3 colors are available in the 5s: Gold, Silver, Space Grey.

iPhone 5 Front

The display is also the same, that is a Retina Display with the size of 4 in resolution of 1136 x 640. It seems like Apple has miss an opportunity to increase the size to cope with other smartphones on the market. Many people feels that it is much better and comfortable if they can browse internet in a display of at least 5 in.

However, with the introduction of the mini iPad, the company is perhaps experimenting about the screen size, and we do hope that the display size will be increased in the next iPhone generation.

Why 64-bit in the iPhone 5s

The A7 is the latest custom built processor that use 64-bit architecture which has the speed of 1.29 GHz. In the Geekbench test, it scored 2556 which is considerably faster compared to 2088 in the Galaxy S4. There is also a companion core.

All of these specs make the A7 processor a powerful processor that can run heavy duty applications. Internet browsing and camera capturing is the most benefited from this.

The A7 also support Open GL ES 3.0. This feature is useful for PC-like graphic applications such as gaming. In the long run, many other apps can extend their functionalities to make a better use of this powerful processor.

8 Megapixel camera

The light sensor of the camera in the iPhone 5s is 15% larger than the iPhone 5. Hence, the camera can capture more light and produce better images.

The flash is upgraded to dual LEDs so to take better pictures in gloomy environment. There are also many filters you can apply to take photos with the quality you like.

Apple iPhone 5s photo

To improve the camera to capture fast moving object, a continuous burst mode was integrated. You can also zoom in about 3 times when recording videos. You can record video in 720p and stream it with a lower speed. A 25% speed reduction can create a matrix like effect.


The 5s comes with a 1560mAh battery pack which is slightly better than 1440 mAh in its previous generation. However, because of the nature of the iOS 7 processor, the battery life is averaged out to be the same with the predecessor.

The current battery pack can make most people happy. We let WiFi on for 8 hours, about 1 hour web browsing, email push on, we still have 20% power remaining.

A tip to increase bateru life: Always turn off the appsthat you don’t need.

The bottom line

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the 3rd generation of the Galaxy Note series. The Korean company has improved many important features compared to its previous generation, include internet browsing, reading documents and playing multimedia contents. These improvements allowed it to be used as a pocket-friendly tablet.

In addition, the smartphone runs on Android 4.3, is equiped with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset with the processing power of 2.3 GHz for each core. and a 3GB built in RAM. Another notable feature is that the Note 3 was also shipped with a S-Pen stylus.

Perhaps the most improved features are the massive 3200 mAh battery pack and the 5.7 in HD display (resolution 1080 pixels). Not only that, the Galaxy Note 3 also has an excellent camera and a solid build quality. All of these great improvement tell us why it was one of the best smartphone in 2013

If you want to buy this smartphone, please go to Amazon. If you want to read more details, please read on.

Display & Design

Compared to its predecessor, the Note 3 design has some minor improvement. The display size is 5.7 in (the previous generation is 5.5 in). The weight and shape are almost the same with the Note 2 – it feels neat and comfortable.

The display quality is excellent. The Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED panel allows it to have very great viewing angle and marvelous color displaying.

samsing galaxy note 3 display

The use of plastic material remained unchanged makes it feel durable and robust without creaking. The appearance of the device looks very delicated and high-end because it has faux-metallic silver edging.

On the back of the phone, a special type of material was added on top of the plastics layerto give the effect of a leather-bound notebook. However, if you don’t like this design, you can swap for the traditional plastics cover, or using a smartphone case.

back design note 3


The Galaxy Note 3 battery was perhaps one of the most amazing upgraded parts. With the 3200 mAh capacity, you can continuously use it up to 14-15 hours under heavy usage: calls, texts, internet browsing, email. This is one of the most phenomenal change of the Galaxy Note. Even other big branded smartphone such as Apple iPhone 5s, HTC One also not comparable.

For video streaming, it can sustain upto about 9 hours for playing HD videos. With less heavy usage, you can expect to use it for about 24 hours for each single charge.


The Galaxy Note 3 was shipped with the same Wacom stylus as its predecessor. However, many functionalities have been added: Action Memo, Pen Window, S Finder, Scrap Booker and Screen Write.

Screen Write is a tool that allows you to make notes and annotate anything that is displayed on the screen. It is a very useful feature for working professionals who have to make proposals and work document.

The Pen Window feature allows you to draw a window on the screen and run applications inside it. Therefore Pen Window is also called multitasking.

Note 3 Pen Window Multitask

To this time, the following apps can be run with the Pen Window: Calculator, Contacts, Clocks, ChatOn, Google Hangouts, Web browser, Phone Dialer and Youtube.

S-Finder is a search tool and Action Memo allows you to send commands to the phone (such as Web browser, Contacts, email texting and search applications) from the written words on the screen.

Galaxy Note 3 S Finder

For instance, you can open the Note 3, scribble out some text, highlight it with S-Pen, press share option and send it as text message or email message. The smartphone will automatically transform your handwriting words into text using an internal built in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. Samsung also include the share options to allow users to share the content instantaneously.

Specs and Storage

As mentioned previously, the Galaxy Note 3 uses a Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset (each core 2.3 GHz) with a built in 3 Gb of RAM. With that, you get the Qualcomm’s 4K video driving Adreno 320 GNU which make this smartphone a powerful device.

The Note 3 model has 3 different storage spaces: 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. Samsung confirmed that the 16GB and 32GB sub-models support SD-cards up to 64 GB.


The Note 3 supports WIFI 802 a/b/g/n/ac, WIFI Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA which you can connect to almost all type of internet network. It also supports all major 4G bands, HSPA, HSPA+ and DC-HSPA


The Galaxy Note 3 was equipped with a 13 Mp camera with a single LED flash. It can record videos in both 1080 p resolution and 4K resolution. That’s why it is one of the best camera in the world of Android smartphone.

Note 3 image camera

There are many photo taking options you can select from: Best Photo, Animated Photo (GIF), Panorama, Best Face, and Sound and Shot. To select these lens options, you go to “Mode” and browse through to carousel.

If you feel these steps and selections are confusing, you should just use the default settings which are capable of taking impressive images. On the front, there is a sharp quality, 2 Mp camera for video calls and Google Hangouts.

Pictures taken from the 13 Mp camera at the back of the phone are excellent. All details, including color saturation, are perfected captured.

Samsung also integrated an image stabilization tool which allows quick shot without any blur on the image. Taking great images has never been easier.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Review and Impression

Samsung executives decided to listen to its customer feedback to go back-to-basis for the Galaxy S5. From the design perspective, the Galaxy S5 was about the same with with its previous generation. It’s slightly bigger at 5.1 ins, but the resolution was still 1920×1080 with the Super Amoiled display.

The Samsung philosophy is to focus on its customers. J.K. Shin – the CEO of Samsung saw that users prefer a great experience rather than the eye poping and complicated technology.Perhaps this is the reason why TouchWiz interface was not mentioned during the launch of the device [IMG]

Guest editor thoughts: “It was a wonderful and a right move that Samsung listened to its customer feedback to offer them the features they liked of just running with the innovation race. The most liked features in the Galaxy S5 are the long battery lifespan and good water proof and dust resistance”.

However, a few novel features were still integrated into this new tablet generation. The company mission is to compete with Apple, hence it is almost compulsory to include a fingerprint into its smartphone.

To register fingerprint into the phone memory, you have to scan your fingers slowly. This is a quite frustrating and fiddly process. However, after setting up, it is very comfortable and offer you great security to the phone. To unlock the screen, you need to roll your 3 fingers onto the device. Amazingly, you even can pay for purchases through paypal with this fingerprint technology.[IMG]

Another advanced feature that Samsung included in the Galaxy S5 is the heart rate scannerwhich is located on the back of the device. This is one step ahead Apple in terms of technology, as the Korean company is the pioneer in this technology. However, the question is how often its users need to use this feanture.[IMG]

In the S5 model, the app icons and notification drawer were a little redesigned, with the style similar to its Tzen OS. It seems like this is the first step that the company prepared to move away from Android.

Rogaine hair loss treatment is marvelous, exactly as advertised

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Rogaine help growth my hair after 4 months usage

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Rogaine for Hair Regrowth Treatment: Don’t waste your money

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